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36 Gifs that Explain the Survey

Sexual violence is a major issue on college campuses nationwide: repeated surveys at other schools confirm just how serious the problem is.


Tulane wants to conduct a survey of our own students.


It will open on January 29, and you will receive a link to the survey through your email.


The survey will take, on average, 25 minutes to complete.


I know, that may seem long.


But there's a good reason we need to ask a lot of questions.


Think about how awesome you felt when you got accepted to Tulane.


Knowing that Tulane was your home and how much you were going to get from this experience.


Pretty sweet, huh?


Sexual violence can rob a person of that. It takes away the Tulane they deserve.


So we have to stop sexual violence. Period.


To stop sexual violence at Tulane, though, we need to know what it looks like at Tulane. We need your data.


We want to make educational programs that actually work (and don't waste your time).


We also need to provide the best care to victims so that they can get the support they need to get their Tulane back.


You need to tell us what is working. We could guess, but it'll be a ton more effective if we hear from you.


Not that we're out of touch or anything.


But this is your community. You deserve the right to be heard--and have the responsibility to help.


In 25 minutes, you can help end sexual violence. 


You can't even get a pizza delivered in 25 minutes.


Oh, and there are prizes.


Yup. You'll be entered into an individual lottery for prizes.


Plus there are community challenges for graduate students, residence halls, and Greek organizations.


Then there's the big university prize.


We want everyone to take this survey, but we'll settle for 54%. Why 54%?


Because the highest response rate nationwide so far has been 53% by Harvard.


Don't you want to beat Harvard?


I mean, it's the Tulane of the north! We can take them.


And if we hit 54%? We'll have free snowballs for the student body on a day in April.


You're so psyched right now, it's almost hard to wait for the survey link to come.


You'll answer those questions like a damn boss.


Once you finish, encourage your friends!


Be heard. Make change. (Win prizes.) In 25 minutes, you can show you are committed to ending sexual violence.


Less time than an episode of Friends.


And you'll be doing it for your friends. 

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