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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sexual Misconduct Climate Survey?

This survey is designed to measure the campus climate regarding sexual harassment and sexual violence (sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking).

Over the past few years, universities across the country have been administering campus climate surveys on sexual violence. Tulane conducted a pilot climate survey survey in 2015 and is now administering a climate survey to the entire full-time student community.

What is Tulane’s survey instrument?

Tulane’s survey instrument was developed by the Administrator-Researcher Campus Climate Collaborative (ARC3). The leading researchers in sexual harassment and violence collaborated with Title IX administrators to create this survey.

The ARC3 Survey was developed in response to the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. It was designed assess perpetration and victimization of sexual misconduct on college campuses in the United States. Its questions also gather a comprehensive picture of a campus’ climate with regards to sexual violence issues. You can learn more about the survey instrument and ARC3 at the ARC3 website or its Wikipedia page.

The survey has been used at other universities including the University of Oregon, Penn State University, Bucknell College, Georgia State University, and Ohio University.

What data is Tulane trying to gather and why?

Tulane’s goal is to end sexual harassment and violence in our community, and the information students share in this survey will help the university in this effort.

This survey is designed to assess perceptions and behaviors related to a wide range of issues regarding sexual harassment and violence that impact Tulane students.  With data about our students’ experiences, as well as our community’s perceptions and knowledge around these issues, we can better inform our efforts to end sexual harassment and violence at Tulane University.

Specifically, the Sexual Misconduct Climate Survey Working Group has identified the following areas as priorities for evaluation:

  • Obtain victimization and perpetration rates of sexual harassment (committed by fellow students as well as by faculty/staff), stalking, intimate partner violence, and sexual assault
  • Gather information about victimization rates of high-risk populations like freshmen women, students of color, and LGBTQ-identifying students
  • Evaluate the connection between incidents of victimization and perpetration and alcohol use, attitudes of sexual violence, campus organizational membership, and prior victimization
  • Assess knowledge of reporting options and support resources
  • Collect student perceptions on university resources as well as feedback on how effective these resources were for students who engaged with these resources
  • Measure knowledge and use of positive bystander behaviors

I have not experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault while at Tulane. Should I still take this survey?

Absolutely! As the question above explains, this survey is about more than just victimization rates. We want to hear from every single student as sexual harassment and violence impacts us all.

How do I take the survey?

Every full-time undergraduate, graduate, and professional student will receive a link to the survey in their email on Monday, January 29 (please check your spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox). This link is also available on the main page of this website. This link is only active between January 30 and February 19.

If you have not completed the survey, you will receive two additional reminder emails on Sunday, February 5 and Sunday, February 12. You can expect to see additional encouragement to take the survey on social media around campus as well.

Will my answers be confidential?

Yes: completely confidential.

After you complete the survey, your personal information will be severed from the rest of the data, so responses will not be connected to identifying information from that point forward. There is also no connection between your information for the prize drawing to your survey information.

Further, if you start the survey but do not return to complete it, the connection with your name, email, and IP address will be permanently severed when the survey closes on February 19.

Am I required to take this survey?

No. While we encourage every student to complete the survey, you do not have to participate.

If you do participate, you may skip any question you are not comfortable answering. You may also exit the survey at any time and return to complete it as long as it is before the survey close date on February 19.

How long will the survey take to complete?

This survey should take most people approximately 25 minutes to complete.  Your time could vary anywhere between 15 to 35 minutes, depending on how much information you have the option to provide. If you are not able to complete the survey in one sitting, the system will not allow you to return and continue later, so be sure you have enough time to fill the entire survey out!

I started the survey but had to stop, and now I can't access it at all. What do I do?

Email us at, and we will reset your information so you can take the survey anew.

What will Tulane do with the results?

Once we collect the data, our Primary Investigator—School of Public Health Associate Professor Dr. Gretchen Clum —will synthesize the data and create an executive summary of the data in the areas mentioned above. This work will take place over the spring and summer.

From this summary, the Task Force will create an Action Plan with three to five items to further our efforts around sexual violence prevention and response, including:

  • Data comparisons with peer institutions
  • What current offices or programs will be ameliorated to improve effectiveness
  • What new resources or programs are needed and a timeline for their addition
  • What communities are in need of additional programs and resources

On January 31, 2018, the summary and Action Plan will be shared.

This survey is limited to full-time students. Can we expect future surveys for employees and part-time students?

Yes. This is the start of our institutional data collection on sexual harassment and violence. We expect to engage employees and part-time students (including Continuing Studies students on campuses outside of New Orleans) in subsequent climate surveys by 2018.

Are there any incentives associated with completing this survey?

Yes! As an expression of our appreciation for your time and candor, every student who completes the survey will be entered into a drawing for a variety of individual prizes:

Once you finish the survey, you will have a choice between a guaranteed $5 Amazon gift card or entering into a lottery for one of the following grand prizes (noted below where guaranteed multiples of a prize are available):

  • A year of free textbooks from the Tulane Book Store (up to the amount of $1000)
  • A year of free parking (6 passes Uptown; 1 pass Downtown)
  • Tulane President for the Day (including lunch with President Fitts, Chief of Staff Tania Tetlow, Provost Robin Forman, and the Dean of your college...and being chauffeured in the Presidential Golf Cart)
  • 2 Tickets to watch a Tulane football game from the Glazer Club, with box seats and free food and drink (10)
  • 2 courtside seats for a Tulane basketball game
  • A night at Rock & Bowl for yourself and up to 19 others (reserved lanes and food)
  • A $125 gift card for lunch at Commander's Palace
  • A $100 gift card to Whole Foods
  • Jazzfest tickets for you and one to three friends
  • Metal Tulane water bottles (30--thanks, Tulane Bookstore!)
  • A puppy pizza party for you and up to 19 others
  • Cards for a free meal at Bruff or in the Food Court (50--thanks, Tulane Dining!)
  • $25 gift cards for repair services from TechConnect (5--thanks, TechConnect!)
  • Reily Center Memberships for graduate/professional students
  • Reily Center Yoga/Pilates Passes
  • A reserved study room in Howard Tilton for all of Spring 2017 finals week

If you enter the lottery, you will be asked to choose your top five choices. We'll do the drawing after the survey closes on February 19, and you will be notified if you win. Good luck!

What's this about beating Harvard?

Dozens--if not more--schools have conducted climate surveys on their campus. So far, the highest participation rate that we have been able to find is 53% from the students at Harvard. So...we want to get at least 54%. Let's beat Harvard.

I'm as competitive as the next person, so beating Harvard sounds good to me. But is there perhaps an incentive involved in us hitting 54%?

Well, other than the satisfaction of being #1? If we hit an overall rate of 54%, we will give away free snowballs (Uptown and Downtown) to our students during lunchtime on a to be named date at the end of the semester, most likely in late April.

I'm really motivated to take the survey now! Does the survey work on all browsers and handheld devices?


I am having technical difficulties (for example, I lost my link to the survey, or I’m having difficulty accessing a prize I have won). What should I do?

If you have any technical or logistical questions about this study, including those related to either entering the prize drawing or claiming prizes, please contact

I would like to talk to someone about sexual harassment and sexual violence. Who should I contact?

Please refer to our resource list HERE.

I still have questions about Tulane’s Sexual Misconduct Climate Survey. Who should I contact?

If you have questions or comments about Tulane’s administration or promotion of this survey, please send an email to  During the three weeks that the survey is open (January 29 – February 19), this email account will be regularly monitored by the Title IX Coordinator. You can expect a response to your questions within one business day.